Episode 8 – The ‘nocebo’ effect: just as important as the placebo effect?

Janine and Aleena kick off by summarising the well-established ‘placebo’ effect, before focusing in on the lesser-known ‘nocebo’ effect. What’s the difference? How might these affects play a big role in treatment effectiveness? Can these effects be minimised? Janine also confesses to sub-par performance on a university assignment and Aleena shares some long-overdue pool noodleContinue reading “Episode 8 – The ‘nocebo’ effect: just as important as the placebo effect?”

Episode 7 – Why do bowerbirds hoard and steal blue stuff?

Aleena and Janine respond to a listener request for an episode about their own scientific research. They’re happy to oblige! They kick off with Janine’s past research into satin bowerbirds and explain just why males collect, hoard, and steal so much random blue stuff! Meanwhile, Aleena discusses her own peculiar past habit of collecting localContinue reading “Episode 7 – Why do bowerbirds hoard and steal blue stuff?”

Episode 6 – Why do we cry?

In this episode, Aleena and Janine get stuck into the research around human crying. Why do we do it? How did this bizarre behaviour even evolve? Why are humans the only animals shedding tears due to emotion? Should we hold in the tears or let them flow? Meanwhile Aleena then shares her newfound appreciation forContinue reading “Episode 6 – Why do we cry?”

Episode 5 – What is La Niña? Can it really lead to diarrhoea?

In this episode, Aleena and Janine respond to a listener question (#exciting!): Deepak got in touch to ask them to explain the La Niña weather cycle that he keeps hearing about in the news in Australia this Summer. They start by breaking down the science that causes La Niña (and El Niño) weather patterns acrossContinue reading “Episode 5 – What is La Niña? Can it really lead to diarrhoea?”

Episode 4 – Clutter in your home? What does the science say?

Aleena and Janine open this episode by chatting about how physics may partly explain your messy house. They go deeper into the scientific literature about clutter in your home – how bad is it really? And what can you do about it? Do Marie Kondo’s methods really work? What does ‘sparking joy’ even mean?! TheyContinue reading “Episode 4 – Clutter in your home? What does the science say?”

Episode 3 – Why are we so obsessed with true crime?

WARNING: This episode contains discussion related to violent crime that may be distressing for some listeners. In episode 3, Aleena and Janine admit to spending countless hours engaging in true crime media. They really want to get to the bottom of why they, and so many of us, are so obsessed with this stuff! TheContinue reading “Episode 3 – Why are we so obsessed with true crime?”

Episode 2 – Multitasking: myth or not?

In this episode, Aleena and Janine delve in to the evidence behind multitasking – is it a myth or not? Janine’s consistent inability to multitask has always been a source of much amusement within the family. Aleena, on the other hand, has always appeared to be an effective multitasker. Their research delivers some clear evidenceContinue reading “Episode 2 – Multitasking: myth or not?”

Episode 1 – The Novel Coronavirus

Aleena and Janine kick off the Sister Doctor Squared podcast by discussing the most pressing issue in our world right now: coronavirus. In this episode they delve into some aspects of the underlying biology of the virus, and also people’s psychological responses to the pandemic. Somehow they also end up discussing toileting and cat poo.Continue reading “Episode 1 – The Novel Coronavirus”

Introducing Sister Doctor Squared!

Well hello there! This is a podcast where sisters Aleena and Janine get super chatty about research into biology, health, psychology and much more. In this short intro episode, they explain who the hell they are and that they already have a ridiculously long list of topics that they’ll probably never get through, and rattleContinue reading “Introducing Sister Doctor Squared!”