Episode 17 – Go with your gut? What does the science say?

Have you ever had a really strong gut feeling about something? You don’t know why. You don’t know where it’s coming from, but it’s telling you something very clearly. Should you trust it? In this episode, Aleena and Janine delve into the science behind gut instincts. Aleena then hijacks the inner square segment to updateContinue reading “Episode 17 – Go with your gut? What does the science say?”

Episode 16 – The truth about Tourette Syndrome with Seamus Evans

Tourette Syndrome Awareness Week is running from 2 – 8 May 2022! So, Janine and Aleena are raising understanding and busting some myths around Tourette Syndrome, especially as Janine’s little boy has this condition. The sisters are joined by their first ever guest – Seamus Evans! Seamus is an awesome TV and radio broadcaster andContinue reading “Episode 16 – The truth about Tourette Syndrome with Seamus Evans”

Episode 15 – Fight, flight, or… “freeze”?

WARNING: This episode contains discussion related to traumatic experiences that may be distressing for some listeners. Janine excitedly shares details of her new pet dog Calli (#RescueGreyhound), who massively inspired this episode, since Calli displays a very strong “freeze response” in times of stress. Aleena and Janine take a look at some research into theContinue reading “Episode 15 – Fight, flight, or… “freeze”?”

Episode 14 – New Year’s Resolutions: can we use science to make them stick?

Welcome to 2022! You might have mixed feelings about what is to come in the year ahead… a new year often brings a lot of hope, excitement and promise, but with so much uncertainty in the world at the moment, many are feeling quite despondent, and justifiably so. It follows that many of us haveContinue reading “Episode 14 – New Year’s Resolutions: can we use science to make them stick?”

Episode 12 – Scared of needles? Science has some answers.

With vaccination rates currently a topic of daily conversation, Aleena and Janine have been looking into what factors might be behind poor vaccination rates in some settings. They are surprised to find that fear or phobia of needles could be an important contributor to vaccine hesitancy. They also got their square on when voluntary primary-schoolContinue reading “Episode 12 – Scared of needles? Science has some answers.”

Episode 11 – Distorted sense of time: how is this possible?

Aleena and Janine investigate how the passage of time can often feel slower or faster even when, objectively, we know that time is always passing at a constant rate. Why do some days drag on while others disappear in a flash? How is it possible that things can feel like they are happening in slowContinue reading “Episode 11 – Distorted sense of time: how is this possible?”

Episode 10 – Why is cancer so rare in whales?

Janine was helping some students with high school genetics when she came across some fascinating research suggesting that whales and other cetacean mammals hardly ever get cancer. She and Aleena were super intrigued and just had to know why, especially as there is such a strong history of cancer in their family. Meanwhile, Aleena tellsContinue reading “Episode 10 – Why is cancer so rare in whales?”

Episode 9 – Antibiotic resistance: what’s the deal?

Aleena was recently offered antibiotics by a doctor, for a situation where antibiotics were completely inappropriate. She immediately called Janine and it was settled; they just had to do an episode on this massive issue. Meanwhile, Aleena has been partnering with her cat and doing some citizen science experiments, while Janine is stuck in anotherContinue reading “Episode 9 – Antibiotic resistance: what’s the deal?”

Episode 8 – The ‘nocebo’ effect: just as important as the placebo effect?

Janine and Aleena kick off by summarising the well-established ‘placebo’ effect, before focusing in on the lesser-known ‘nocebo’ effect. What’s the difference? How might these affects play a big role in treatment effectiveness? Can these effects be minimised? Janine also confesses to sub-par performance on a university assignment and Aleena shares some long-overdue pool noodleContinue reading “Episode 8 – The ‘nocebo’ effect: just as important as the placebo effect?”