Episode 21 – Muck up day 2022!

As we come to the end of another year, Aleena and Janine take things down a notch and bring back muck up day! Muck up day in Australia is the last day of school for the year where there are much laughs, huge pranks, and minimal productivity. Tune in for a very loose episode where you’ll be treated to some insights, a *SURPRISE* or two, and much randomness: memes, rabbits, mullets, candles, plus more!

Biggest thing we learned via the podcast in 2022?

Biggest thing we learned in general in 2022?

Funniest moment of 2022?

What brought out our inner square?


And the 2022 Square of the Year award goes to….

Special mentions also to…

Plans for the festive season

Thank you to everyone for listening in and engaging with us this year!

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Signing off for another year. Stay square out there.

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