Episode 17 – Go with your gut? What does the science say?

Have you ever had a really strong gut feeling about something? You don’t know why. You don’t know where it’s coming from, but it’s telling you something very clearly. Should you trust it? In this episode, Aleena and Janine delve into the science behind gut instincts. Aleena then hijacks the inner square segment to update everyone on the latest kitchen renovation dramas, while Janine introduces a whole new segment to the podcast: what brought out her #InnerDumbass?!

Tourette Syndrome episode recap!

Should you go with your gut?

Do General Practitioners (GPs) have a gut feeling when it comes to diagnosing cancer?

This review found that when gut feelings were reported, the odds of a patient being diagnosed with cancer were four times higher than when no gut feelings were reported. It’s likely that GPs get their gut feelings from a combination of verbal and non-verbal “cues”, as well as their wealth of experience and the relationship they form with their patients.

There’s some super cool quotes from GPs that really show that, even in health and medicine, gut feelings are not just dismissed as invalid, emotional responses. In many settings, gut feelings are acknowledged to be a part of good patient care. But more support for using gut feelings in health care is needed.

What brought out our inner square?

Aleena derailed the segment, as she had some pent-up kitchen renovation drama to share with everyone… again… But this time there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

Janine also hijacks the segment to introduce a new segment: What brought out her inner dumbass?!

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