Sisterly bonding, circa 1990
Sisterly bonding, circa 1990, complete with hideous matching outfits! (Janine, age 7, left; Aleena, age 4, right).
Sisterly (+Doctorly) bonding, circa 2019 (Janine left; Aleena right)

Dr Aleena Wojcieszek

Aleena has a PhD in Clinical Epidemiology. What on Earth is that you say? Well it’s all about understanding patterns and causes of health and disease in populations, and using evidence to make better decisions about patient care. In her PhD, Aleena studied how to improve care in pregnancies after stillbirth. Stillbirth is a devastating event for families, and it’s not as rare as you might think – even in developed countries. Before her doctoral research, Aleena got a Bachelor of Psychological Science degree and her Honours research looked at the psychological and social factors behind people’s reproductive decisions.

Aleena is passionate about applying high-quality evidence to EVERYTHING in life, and communicating research findings to professionals and the public. She now heads her own consulting business focused on generating, using, and sharing maternal and newborn health evidence at scale and she has consulted for national and international organisations. In her spare time, you will usually find her out exercising, listening to grungy music, or watching (and critiquing) the latest sci-fi movie!

Despite what the top image may suggest, Aleena was an absolute terror to Janine as kids. Don’t let the smile and cute curls fool you.

Dr Janine Rix (nee Wojcieszek)

Janine has a PhD in Evolutionary Biology. Her PhD research investigated evolution in millipedes (this involved much staring at, and dissecting of, millipede genitalia, which isn’t weird at all right?). Before her doctoral work, Janine completed a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Botany and her Honours research investigated the behaviour and evolution of Satin Bowerbirds – she was desperate to know how and why an Australian bird had come to obsess over, steal, and hoard, excessive amounts of blue stuff!

Janine now works as a Learning Advisor and Public Speaker and her mission is to enhance learning, share knowledge, and foster everyone’s natural curiosity! In her spare time you will usually find her writing and curating her latest to-do list, hiking with her family, baking something sweet, or stuck in the middle of some sort of research rabbit hole!

As the top image suggests, Janine merely tolerated Aleena throughout childhood.

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