Episode 13 – Muck up day 2021!

Janine (left), Aleena (right); design by @sydneyartwork

In the spirit of the traditional ‘muck up day’ on the last day of school in Australia, Aleena and Janine mix things up a bit in this episode… They reflect on Sister Doctor Squared turning 1, the many random and interesting things they’ve learned during the first year, and conduct the first ever Sister Doctor Squared Awards Ceremony, complete with lame and inexpensive sound effects – you don’t want to miss those! Plus, they share the first ever Sister Doctor Squared music playlist – many hours of listening pleasure for you coming right up…

Mastering of this episode, plus intro and outro music, by the ever-talented Dr Adrian Diery.

Biggest thing we learned via the podcast in 2021?

Aleena – that multitasking truly is a myth (see Episode 2).

Janine – the nocebo effect is a powerful and underappreciated contributor to treatment side effects (see Episode 8).

Biggest thing we learned in general in 2021?

Janine – 2 things: (1) while it may sound trite, actions really do speak louder than words (!); and (2) the power of music to provide free therapy!

Aleena – the importance of trusting your gut instincts (of course, Janine added this item to the bank of podcast topics immediately for an upcoming episode in 2022!).

Biggest inner square moment of 2021?

Aleena – still facing personal a crisis around whether to rest meat after cooking (see Episode 3).

Janine – (1) the accidental experiment that unearthed how magical eraser pens work (see Episode 10); and (2) Aleena likening Janine’s discussion of existential art to the ‘sausages or legs’ conundrum (see Episode 7)!

Funniest moment of 2021?

Aleena – being completely useless at playing darts. Finally, a sport where Janine may be able to defeat Aleena!

Janine – Funniest text message typo of all time:
Janine: “I’ll bring some lines to the staff party Aleena”…
Aleena: “It’s not that kind of party sis”…
Janine: ?????
Janine: “*LIMES*!!! Baahahahahahahaha!”


The letdown award

Runner up: Janine’s Facebook trolls, who treated her like a piece of you know what, when she tried to pass on accurate scientific information about covid vaccination.

Runner up: an unnamed Swedish furniture store for completely stuffing up Aleena’s kitchen renovation order and never calling her back. Like not once.

WINNER: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, for so very many things, but largely for committing to net zero carbon emissions…. by 2050 – sigh. Too little too late, Mr Morrison. How embarrassing. Apologies to the entire world for letting you down.

2021 Honours Roll

  1. Doctor Jeanette Young, Governor of Queensland, and former Chief Health Officer of Queensland, Australia
  2. Professor Peter Doherty, immunologist and Twitter royalty, especially for his infamous Dan Murphy’s tweet)
  3. Maths genius Lily Serna
  4. Reigning Queen Björk (full disclosure: Björk will be named every single year, forever)

2021 Squares of the year

Dwan from Brisbane; Jess from France; Nat from Perth; Mandy from Perth; Mieke from Brisbane; Cristian from Sydney; Rachel from Perth; Sruti and Deepak from Brisbane; Gals from Planet Policy Pals Podcast in the states; and of course our Creative Director, Mel!

Plans for the festive season?

Aleena: Sleep! Clean out a cupboard. Head off of holiday interstate for the first time in a long time!

Janine – settle into new place; learn how to BBQ; make a loom and learn macrame; binge all of Curb Your Enthusiasm… again!

The Inner Square playlist

Check out what Aleena and Janine have been busily preparing for your listening pleasure: The Inner Square Spotify playlist! The criteria were that each song had to be linked in some way to the podcast, to an episode theme, to Aleena/Janine, and they both needed to like the song. Some links are pretty obvious… like David Bowie’s ‘Janine’ – she was actually named after it. Other links are a little more tangential – hehehe… Have fun trying to work out why each song was included! And get in touch if you have something to suggest. Sister Doctor Squared’s sound engineer extraordinaire, Adrian Diery’s band, Hazards of Swimming Naked, make a strong appearance… because they are awesome… and Adrian is awesome – check them out at Bandcamp, Instagram and Facebook!

OK squares, see you all in 2022!

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